Naam: Jamille R. Haarloo
Afdeling: Narena
Functie: Scientist (researcher)
Indiensttreding: April 2013


Jamille Haarloo

  • 2012:
Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands: MSc Environmental Biology. (Specialization in ‘Ecology & Natural Resource Management’)
  • MSc internships in scientific research of forest biomass (RAINFOR project), and applied research on marine turtles’ and social vulnerability for climate adaptation policy (WWF- Guianas).
  • Proposal writing with strong societal component as graduation assignment: ‘Behavioural monitoring for community- based REDD+’.
  • 2009:
Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands; BSc Biology (Various courses, such as Neurobiology, Animal Behavior, Toxicology, Tropical Ecology, Biodiversity and Bio-statistics).


April 2013 – Present Scientist/Researcher at NARENA | Centre for Agricultural Research in Suriname (CELOS)
November 2014 - October 2016: Part-time University Lecturer at the Faculty of Technology (FTW/ AdeKUS)
November 2012 – June 2013: Freelance Junior Consultant at Suriname Environmental Advisory Services N.V. (SEAS NV). Climate Change Awareness Project of the government of Suriname

About/Areas of interest

While studying Biology at the University, I added courses from other disciplines to gain a better understanding of interdisciplinary societal issues. I became aware of the gaps between science and society and between disciplines. Consequently, I chose and successfully finished the MSc specialised track 'Ecology and Natural Resource Management', learning about management approaches and planning tools that encourage and facilitate sustainable use of natural resources. Via my department at CELOS I aim to improve land-use planning in Suriname starting with small communities. We are using principles of participatory land-use planning, doing GIS- and RS-analyses and are providing training sessions to help build a path towards a more sustainable use of renewable natural resources. Accurate information about local ecosystems and various social developmental issues are imperative to achieve this goal. After finishing my studies, I first started doing volunteer work and environmental awareness consultancy, and also became a member of the Global Shapers Community – a network of diverse young professionals organised via local hubs. I utilized this dynamic platform to gain insights and experience on how aforementioned gaps (more common in developing countries) can be bridged by leading the local hub and doing various projects, workshops and video productions. I also was board member of two organizations and part-time lecturer at the University of Suriname. Even though I am regularly reminded of my limitations by encountered hurdles, I am endlessly interested in learning about various scientific and societal matters, especially related to sustainable development and health. I admire the beauty and complexity of the natural world and occasionally enjoy sports, especially volleyball.