Biotechnological Lab

This laboratory originated from a collaborative agreement signed in 2014 between CELOS and the Institute for Graduate Studies and Research at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (IGSR) to provide enhanced research and education in the areas of interest.

The aim of this lab is to make recommendations regarding energy crops, plants, trees, micro-organisms and new techniques, breeding research (resistant plant material, seed) and research into biopesticides and bio-fertilizers and to develop new techniques for the extraction of precious metals- , for making corrections in affected environment (soil, water, dump places).

The focus is on doing relevant research such as:

  • Bio-energy potential
  • Plant and micro-organisms biotechnology
  • Bioleaching and bioremediation
  • Food and nutrition biotechnology with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

Services provided include: food and nutrition analyses, bio-energy analyses, environmental analyses, chemical analyses, bio-molecular analyses and directly relevant microbiological analyses for the research.