Chemical lab

The CELOS Chemical Laboratory was established in 1970, and aims to provide support to other research departments within the institute among others. Since 2012, the Chemical Lab has been certified according to the ISO 9001: 2008 standards.

The research in the Chemical lab is closely aligned with the projects of other research departments at CELOS. Students from Anton de Kom University of Suriname (AdeKUS) and the Natural Technical Institute (NATIN) who need specific analysis for their research projects are also accommodated.

Samples analyzed in the lab are obtained in two ways; either the employees of the Chemical laboratory take samples on site and store the samples under the right conditions to guarantee the validity of the results obtained or samples are delivered to the laboratory for analysis.

We carry out a series of chemical analyses of soil, plant, animal feed and water samples to determine the concentration of specific elements.

We can determine the concentration of the elements below:

  • Humidity degree
  • pH
  • EC
  • Total Phosphorus
  • Organic carbon
  • Fats
  • Chloride
  • Cyanide
  • Bulk density
  • Total hardness
  • Raw protein
  • Ash

We provide our services to government entities, NGOs, private companies, entrepreneurs & farmers.