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Sollicitatie Hoofd MV lab Engels 2015

Sollicitatie Labhoofd Biotech 2015 English

Sollicitatie labhoofd Biotech 2015

Sollicitatie labhoofd Microbiovet lab 2015

Aangepast Vacature extern Manager Kwaliteitszorg 2017 06 13 final

Manager Bosmanagement 2017 10 30

Carrieredag Bos- en

Verken je
   in de bos- en natuursector
   Woensdag 27 juni 2012
   Meer info [pdf 1mb]  

Launch Specialist
Journal Bos en Natuur
   April 2010
   Download here [pdf 2mb]

Laboratorium folder Januari 2014
   Januari 2014
   Download here [pdf 785Kb]

ACT-Suriname gaat samenwerking aan met CELOS
   December 2017
   Download here [pdf 61Kb]

Reports Passed Events:
Proceedings CELOS Forest
   Management System
   (7 April 2006)
Seminar about Land use and
   Amazon Initiative
   (7 March 2006)
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Agro Experiments Sites
Biodiversity Bigi Pan

Edible Mushrooms

Departments: Agronomy
The Research Programme of the department of agronomy focuses on
the following objectives:

To support the animal husbandry sector by conducting field research on the
feasibility of the local production of fodder components in Suriname. Soya
(Glycine soja) and Maize (Zea mais) are the major crops here.

Soyabean at Phedra, 1 month on the field.

To support the local production and processing of edible cashew nuts by
carrying out field research activities on different aspects of the
cultivation of cashew, Anacardium occidentale, on low fertility soils in

Specific objectives of two main projects are:
The compilation of a feasibility study on the completely mechanized
cultivation of annual fodder crops suitable for rain-fed arable sandy-loam
and loamy-sand soils on farm scale based on field research and earlier
achieved research results.

The description and preservation of different cashew genotypes for
multiplication and cultivation purposes on low fertility soils as well as a
description of different cultivation practices based on field research.

The scientific work is carried out by an Agronomist, assisted by a
a technician. A machine operator and a fine crew of Celos gardeners are part of the team
for the field work. Local stakeholders periodically join the team.

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