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Sollicitatie Hoofd MV lab Engels 2015

Sollicitatie Labhoofd Biotech 2015 English

Sollicitatie labhoofd Biotech 2015

Sollicitatie labhoofd Microbiovet lab 2015

Aangepast Vacature extern Manager Kwaliteitszorg 2017 06 13 final

Manager Bosmanagement 2017 10 30

Carrieredag Bos- en

Verken je
   in de bos- en natuursector
   Woensdag 27 juni 2012
   Meer info [pdf 1mb]  

Launch Specialist
Journal Bos en Natuur
   April 2010
   Download here [pdf 2mb]

Laboratorium folder Januari 2014
   Januari 2014
   Download here [pdf 785Kb]

ACT-Suriname gaat samenwerking aan met CELOS
   December 2017
   Download here [pdf 61Kb]

Reports Passed Events:
Proceedings CELOS Forest
   Management System
   (7 April 2006)
Seminar about Land use and
   Amazon Initiative
   (7 March 2006)
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Biodiversity Bigi Pan

Edible Mushrooms

Departments: Chemistry & Soil Lab
The Soil Science research focuses on the soil-plant relationship.
The Department makes a substantial contribution with regard to determining optimal soil management of the various economical crops.

Aspects which are being addressed by the Department include: Fertilization recommendations, and assist growers with advise on land preparation, irrigation and drainage, as well as supports all on-going agricultural research activities of CELOS, and conduct analyses concerning soil-, plant-, water-, and animal feed samples.

In addition to this, the Soil Science Laboratory also determines the physical properties of soil samples. The lab also takes soil samples when this is requested. The lab not only
facilitates lecturers, but students as well. Head of this division is Mrs. A. Soetosenojo, who tries to participate in projects, which need some kind of analyses.





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