The Celos library was initialized in 2004. The collection has approximately 4,000 books and 60 magazine subscriptions. The internet connection for access to full-text documents on various scientific sites is excellent.The documentation is mainly about agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, forestry, environmental issues and all related sciences related to Suriname, the region and the rest of the world. The librarian maintains working relationships with IICA, the University Library (AdeKUvS) and other agricultural libraries in Suriname. The documents are processed into a database that will be connected in a short time to the catalog of the AdeKUvS library.

Information about some of the documents in the CELOS Library can be found on the internet in the megadatabase Agri2000. Users of the library are researchers and staff of CELOS, students of the AdeK University of Suriname, and students from other institutes such as Natin and PTC. There are also scanning, printing and photocopying facilities