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  • Anand Roopsind, Verginia Wortel, Wedika Hanoeman, Michael Köhl, Philip Mundhenk ,Francis E. Putz (2017). Quantifying uncertainty about forest recovery 32-years after selective logging in Suriname” Forest Ecol. Manage. 391 p. 246–255.
  • Show moreQuantifying uncertainty about forest recovery 32-years after selective logging in Suriname.
  • Esseboom, M. and Playfair, M. (2015). “Increasing sales and internal ownership;a basis for collaboration, Suriname, Effective forest and farm producer organizations (ETFRN News 57), Pasiecznik, N. and Savenije H. (eds.), Tropenbos International Wageningen, The Netherlands pp.39-45
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  • Avoiding treatment bias of REDD+ monitoring by sampling with partial replacement.Carbon Balance and Management (2015) 10:11
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Other publications

  • Future crop tree release treatments in neotropical forests –an empirical study on the sensitivity of the economic profitability [Read more]
  • Ramdial, D.; Sewdien, A.; Rasdan, J.; Critchlow, S.; Tjong-A-Hung, N.; Ospina, A.; Wortel, V.; Putz, F.E. Stump Sprout Characteristics of Three Commercial Tree Species in Suriname. Forests  202011, 1130. [Download PDF here]
  • Science 2020 authors accepted [PDF]
  • Sullivan et al 2020 Science [PDF]
  • Recovery Times and Sustainability in Logged-Over Natural Forests in the Caribbean [PDF]
  • Preliminary evaluation and selection of appropriate cassava varieties for mechanized peeling, (Biodiversiteitscongres, Paramaribo, 2013). Factsheet 1. Cassava ex situ field genebanks, 2014
  • Sixth international meeting of FORAGRO LIMA, Peru, August 21 – 23 2012 (Verslag conference on Family farming) 
  • Onderzoeksprogramma’s voor innovatie en duurzame ontwikkeling van de Surinaamse landbouwsector, 2012 (populair wetenschappelijk artikel voor De Werkgever, VSB magazine)
  • Roadmap study for the 2nd best energy crop for the production of biofuels – phase 1, 2012 (bijdrage aan verslag en expliciet fact sheets betreffende twee potentiële ethanol gewassen voor Suriname)